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RACCANELLO Decorative Effect Paints are water-based, breathable, mother-of-pearl, stone and paste-based wall paints with various color options and patterns, which are aesthetically pleasing and recommended to be applied by trained teams.

Why Choose RACCANELLO Decorative Paint;

RACCANELLO Decorative Effect Paints have a longer durability and lower contamination rate than the plastic and satin paints we know. They do not show fading, discoloration, or dirt like plain paints.

RACCANELLO Decorative Effect Paints do not look as cold and simple as plain paints because they do not reflect the same tone by reflecting all colors from inside or outside, from the environment day and night. It is a completely natural product. you won’t have to.

Recycling is easier than stone, marble and wallpaper. When you want to get rid of stone and marble, it requires breaking and repairing. After that, unwanted rubble and related problems arise in our living spaces. Damage is done and plaster application is required again, and these processes cause difficulties for people while living at home. In Decorative Effect Paint applications, if it takes a long time, if you get bored with the product or if you want to change the design of your living space, you can have the RACCANELLO Decorative Effect Paint types applied to your walls or ceilings reapplied with minor surface corrections, plain paint, stone, or wallpaper application.

RACCANELLO Decorative Effect Paints are not cold, self-repetitive products like marble and stone. They are not artificial like wallpaper and have no joints. They are completely natural products that look aesthetically pleasing in every square meter, where the master does not repeat himself, applied by trained teams with a steel trowel.

It is more economical than marble, stone, wallpaper, and flat paint applications.

*Based on flat paint average lifetime of four years.

Matters to be Considered;

The training team to implement it

Examination of the application ground,

Choosing a color and product suitable for the light and design of the living space,

And the consistency of the product must be applied correctly. **RACCANELLO Decorative Effect Paints are natural, long-lasting, aesthetic, cost-effective compared to their counterparts and are easier to recycle.