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Lucido R-Lux

LUX series, which contains mother-of-pearl and is brighter than Lucido-R product by adding

fine quartz particles, is a decorative effect coating product that can be patterned by working

with either spatula or brush apparatus. It can be applied in a single or double layer.


It can be applied together with Raccanello Fondo Primer on interior and exterior facades of

buildings, on walls, plaster, plaster, concrete and wooden surfaces by preparing the ground.

The original application is made with a blunt wooden handle, and skilled craftsmen can apply

using a steel trowel and sponge.

Packaging: 3 Kg – 5 Kg – 10 Kg – 15 Kg

Sertificate : CE – ISO 9001 / 14001 / 10002 / 22716 GMP